Portable CMM for shop floor inspection and robot control



  • Part-to-CAD inspection of small and large parts
  • First-article and supplier quality inspection
  • Tooling and fixture verification and alignment
  • Robot programming and control
  • Noise, vibration, and acoustic imaging
  • Aerospace fuselage assembly

Product Features:

  • Avoid unnecessary downtime by inspecting parts off-line
  • Dynamic referencing compensates for movement
  • Dramatically reduce the time required to program robots

Key Benefits:

  • Improved in-process quality
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced scrap/rework

3D Creator customers in Manufacturing:




Wireless 3D digitizer for reverse engineering and rapid prototyping

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Portable CMM for shop floor inspection and dynamic tracking

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Wireless 3D measurement tool for commercial applications

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Real-time 3D tracking for computer-aided surgery & therapy

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Motion capture for life sciences research & per- formance measurement

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