The 3D Creator works much like a Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM), measurement arm or laser tracker, except that it offers complete freedom of movement, excellent portability, and the ability to track moving objects.  It is also the most affordable 3D measurement technology on the market.  See the chart below for more information.

How does it compare with other 3D measurement technologies?

  Accuracy Range Portability Dynamic Measurement Cost
3D CREATOR 100 µm < 10 m Excellent Yes $
Measurement Arm 50 µm < 2 m Moderate No $$
Laser Tracker 50  µm  < 100 m Moderate No $$$
CMM < 10 µm 1 – 5 m None No $$$$

* Accuracy to a single LED measured on a CMM

What sets the 3D Creator apart from its peers?

Large Measurement Volume Wide field of view and a range of up to 10 meters
Wireless & Armless Freedom of movement and ability to capture “hidden” points
All-in-One Design Compact size, light weight, and easy to transport
Impressive Accuracy RMS error of 100 microns (0.004 inches) RMS in target area
Dynamic Measurement Measure or track moving objects in real time
Surprisingly Affordable Best-in-class value and attractive ROI