March 2013

PlyMatch is a technology for controlling the accurate placement of plies in hand layup composite manufacturing.
In the manufacture of some composite parts, operators are required to manually place plies (pieces of fabric,
woven fibre reinforced resin material) on moulds at specific locations, orientations and in a specific sequence.
The sources of error in these operations are numerous, such as using the wrong piece of fabric, placing it incorrectly or out of sequence, etc.
PlyMatch is the most flexible and revolutionary answer to this issue. It has been adopted by composite manufacturers mainly in automotive and aerospace, in Europe, China and the USA.

PlyMatch has won an LDA (London Development Agency) award as one of the
most innovative projects for 2006/07, and was a finalist of the JEC Innovation
Programme in 2008. International patent is pending.

For more about PlyMatch see our Products page.

About Anaglyph:

Anaglyph Ltd has been providing cutting-edge technology engineering consultancy services in all aspects of industrial design, analysis and manufacture since 1995.
The company’s in-house expertise is mainly on advanced structural applications, in particular those employing composite materials.
Anaglyph’s products are applicable to a wide range of sectors such as Aeronautics, Automotive, Sports and Leisure, Marine, etc.
They are highly competitive as they offer excellent value for money in this niche market.

Originally Anaglyph products were purely composites design and analysis software, but as a natural extension to those Anaglyph developed PlyMatch,
which has been commercialy available since 2008.

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