The 3D Creator is a family of 3D measurement and tracking systems used to digitize both small and large objects or track motion in real time.  With thousands of systems in use around the world, the 3D Creator is helping organizations solve difficult problems, deliver better products, and improve their bottom-line.

Ease of Use, Portability and Range
Not encumbered by mechanical limitations, the 3D Creator’s patented optical technology and wireless design permits complete freedom of movement within a large measurement volume. Click here to see how the 3D CREATOR compares to other 3D measurement technologies.

Dynamic Referencing and Real-time Tracking
A powerful feature of the 3D Creator is its ability to accurately measure or track an object in motion, from in-process inspection on the shop floor to computer assisted surgery.  See How It Works for more information on the operation of the system.

Compatible with Popular Software
The 3D Creator seamlessly interfaces with the most popular metrology and CAD/CAM software solutions, including SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, Rhino, Geomagic, Rapidform, Verisurf, Mastercam, PowerINSPECT, PolyWorks, and others.

Key Features Customer Benefits
Large Measurement Volume Wide field of view and range of up to 10 meters
Wireless & Armless Freedom of movement and ability to capture “hidden” points
All-in-One Design Compact size, quick setup, and easy to transport
Impressive Accuracy RMS error of 100 microns (0.004 inches) in target area
Dynamic Measurement Accurately measure or track moving objects in real time
Surprisingly Affordable Best-in-class value and attractive ROI

Flexible Design to Meet Your Requirements
The 3D Creator can be configured to meet the unique requirements of each application, including accuracy, range, field of view, mobility, and environmental conditions. Contact Us for assistance in specifying the optimum system for your application!
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